Password generator

This website is simply an easy way to generate strong passwords to use on various websites, online stores, or any other place where you may need a password. The system allows to choose the type and length.

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What is it for?

It is not a good idea to use your birth date, anniversary date, or your dog's name as passwords. They are easily decipherable through a little social engineering. In lettercodes you can get a rock-solid independent password.

The three most used passwords

1 – 123456. Incredible as it may be, it is the most widely used password in the world according to the 2017 ranking. It is a tremendously insecure key and any pirate is capable of breaking it.

2 – Password. The word ‘password’, password in English, is another of the most used expressions to protect web services. Its fragility is also very high.

4 – qwerty. The first five letters of the keyboard are a classic in passwords. It is equally fragile.